Couples Workshops

Embodied Intimacy for Couples

An Interactive Workshop on Intelligent Eroticism

with Melissa Walker, MA, LPC, R-DMT

& Anna Mayer, MA, R-DMT

 Saturday, May 19th 2018

Time & Location TBA

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Intimacy is a vast landscape for deep connection and relational evolution. When in relationship, we recognize the places where intimacy feels fun and easy while other areas feel mismatched or inaccessible. Many of the barriers found in intimacy are rooted in negative or inaccurate messages about pleasure and the nature of sexual function. Other barriers are formed from misunderstanding in language and intent. We will offer tools to shed the unhelpful messages about sex and sexuality and build a common language through the 4 erotic gateways of desire: mind, body, emotion, and spirit. These tools will invite congruence between intent and expression, enhancing your experience of embodied interconnection and fluidity of sexual connection.

This workshop experience will facilitate the skills for deep intimacy, including:

- Erotic mindfulness

- Conscious play

-  Embodied verbal/non-verbal communication

- Whole-body arousal anatomy

 This is a workshop for:

- New couples who want to establish a common language & expression for intimacy

- Long-term couples longing for new exploration and connection

Embody. Play. Connect.

 Workshop Investment: $275 / couple

 To Register: Contact Melissa at 720-345-9144 or

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