Couples Counseling

Even relationships with a strong foundation and lots of love have trouble staying connected, working through difficult times, or energizing their union during a period of stagnation or boredom.

My supportive and experiential style guides couples toward healing relationship issues that cause this profound love and support system to land on the rocks.

I work with couples of any orientation to do the following:

  • Learn how to stay in the present moment and speak from the heart during conflicts
  • Transcend unhealthy relationship patterns and heal old wounds that keep couples locked in the past
  • Learn tools to effectively communicate needs and resolve conflict
  • Deepen and expand intimacy and your sexual relationship
  • Build a strong, loving foundation for a nourishing relationship

The quality of your relationship is important. Contact me today to find out your options for healing your relationship.

Not sure if you and your partner would benefit from couples counseling? Click here to visit the Gottman Relationship Institute website and take two free relationship quizzes to find out how things are going.

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