For Clients


We work with both individuals and couples to heal several important issues that many people deal with on a daily basis.

What will my session with Melissa or Anna look like?

Here is a basic structure of a session. In the consultation session, we will discuss the reason that you are seeking support. We will then share with you a description of how we work with our clients and how we can support your strengths, preferences, and growing edges. If we decide that our therapeutic relationship is a good match, we will progress toward a second session. In this session, we will gather information about your biography, we will work out a list of goals and schedule the first working session. From here, the progression of sessions will be unique to each client.

What skills can I expect to put into my toolbox?

Of the many and various skills that you can look forward to developing you can include:

    • Mindfulness
    • Improved communication
    • Ability to self-regulate emotions and stress through breathing, movement, and visualization
    • Deeper intimacy with your body and with your loved ones
    • Holistic arousal anatomy
    • Confidence
    • Self and body awareness


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