At Left Hand, acupuncture is performed in a community setting, the way it has been practiced in China for thousands of years. At Left hand Community Acupuncture we have a semi-private community room with two massage tables and six recliners. In this setting several people can receive treatments at the same time; this creates a unique healing atmosphere that you won’t find at a traditional acupuncture clinic.

Beyond the Bedroom Annual Conference

The purpose of Beyond the Bedroom is to provide fact-based relationship and intimacy education to adults. Our typical education about intimacy in the US is via porn and experimentation. Beyond the Bedroom strives to re-educate those who have learned from these and incorrect influencers about what might be possible. One of the most important areas in a relationship is communication and intimacy (or sexuality). Unfortunately, Americans have a difficult time talking about these. Even marriage counselors have only limited training in the area of sexuality often only requiring 10-hours of education. How can intimacy be addressed? Through workshops designed to safely and factually educate. These relationship and intimacy skills can then be used to save existing relationships and better prepare attendees for future relationships.

Mile Hi Therapy: Online healing center connecting you with qualified healing and wellness professionals in a variety of disciplines and practices throughout the Denver metropolitan area.

Young Living Essential Oils: I only use Young Living Essential oils with my clients because they are therapeutic grade and the company is impeccable in its quality standards. I have seen and experienced powerful emotional releases and regulation due to the simple use of these oils.

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