Individual Counseling

Life can be tough and it is incredibly helpful to have some outside support that you can trust. I work with individuals of all orientations in 60-minute or 90-minute session format for those who experience:

  • Difficulty or discomfort with intimacy with yourself and others
  • Relationship difficulties
  • A desire to feel more empowered, effective, and authentic

These issues may contribute to the following:

  • Feeling anxious or fearful
  • Having intrusive, scary thoughts
  • Unable to sleep or sleeping too much
  • Physical aches and pains
  • Difficulty concentrating or following through with tasks
  • Discord in relationships or lack of deep, nurturing relationships
  • Unsatisfying intimacy or intimacy that produces conflict and/or avoidance

I work with individuals who want to feel wholeness and enjoyment in their capacity for pleasure and intimacy. Through counseling you CAN feel good in your body!

Contact me here to schedule a free consultation and get support, empowerment and a chance to develop skills that will see you through difficult times.

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