Rhythmic Mythology for Couples

As a Dance Therapist, I observe and assess the body rhythms of each of my clients. Everyone has a unique movement signature and energy expression living in their body. I witness muscle tension and relaxation, breath quality, how much or how little space they use when speaking, and signature movements or gestures, just to name a few. In essence, the bodies of my clients tell me a story just as their words tell me a story. Sometimes the verbal and non-verbal stories are congruent and sometimes they are not. As I witness the relationship between my client, their verbal sharing, and their body rhythms, I am witnessing the living mythology of that person. They are archetypes in motion that express, in the present moment, the embodiment of their full life.

When I work with couples, two mythologies come together and catalyze a third story – a co-creative mythology. All couples have an origin story, a journey story, and epic events along that way that transform them into the dynamic duo before me. Sometimes, the content or verbal story of their experiences cloud the deeper meaning of their journey together – especially when the verbal story is incongruent with the body and emotional expression. I support couples to explore movement and body rhythms in relationship to the stories to uncover this deeper meaning. This can be a vulnerable experience and requires a dip into the truth of what one is feeling in the moment, therefore this process requires moment to moment resourcing and may be slow in pace along the way. This can also be a fun process, playing with everyday movements to find unconscious content.

I invite each partner to allow the body to do the talking first. We explore each of the partner’s movement expressions together, attributing meaning and imagery to the language of their bodies and how that meaning and imagery weave together. From this exploratory playshopping, we create a Rhythmic Mythology*, a co-creative vignette that tells the deeper story beneath the content of the life that they share. When couples share this rhythmic mythology, they often report feeling a deeper connection and understanding of each other, a sense of shared purpose, an increased attraction for each other, and a knowledge of how to better resource themselves and each other.

This summer, I will present a Rhythmic Mythology Playshop at the Arise Festival, August 5th – 7th, Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, CO. Email me for more details!

*Rhythmic Mythology is a story vignette created using Dance/Movement Sex Therapy to support couples in exploring the natural rhythms of their bodies and how that movement builds in co-creation to support connection, playfulness, and a deeper understanding of each other.

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