My Perspective on Longing and Destiny

I take the perspective that our cultural, social, religious, familial, and local landscape structures create unique narratives and particular challenges within each individual. This, as we say in common language, is our individual “path.” In order to consciously, fully, and joyfully inhabit life, each individual must take a personal journey through the sacred gateways of these external-turned-internal filters.

Meanwhile, the energy within our body is pure – as it is run through these various filters, and through our unique physiology, the energy becomes manifest according to this orchestration of internal and external structures. The reality is that, like water, our internal energy flows out into the world in one way or another; whether creative or destructive, it is the same energy. Developing an intimate relationship with ourselves and the structures that helped build us, or tear us down, allows us to more consciously determine how this energy flows and what form it takes in the world. The form that manifests from this journey is what we call “destiny.”

I choose to work with sexual energy in my personal and professional practice because it is the fundamental energy of the body. This energy can be expressed sexually, creatively, destructively, spiritually, emotionally, etc., it all is sourced in the same vessel. This vessel is your phenomenological plot of earth – the subjective, sensual experience of your consciousness as it is perceived through the senses of your body and understood by your mind. By exploring sexuality, we can discover where the deepest longing resides; the pool of powerful energy smoldering and swirling, just waiting for movement and room to breathe. Longing is the point on your body landscape where your consciousness is pulsing, stalking in its cage, waiting for the dam to be released; waiting for the journey to begin.

Through longing we find direction.

Through longing we find purpose.

Through longing we find the path to healing and the path to joy.

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