Embodied Relationships Counseling Center in Westminster, CO

About the Center:

At the Embodied Relationships Counseling Center, we believe that relationships and sexuality are vital to our overall health and well-being. In our work with individuals and couples, we support the development of healthy relationships by weaving together emotional intelligence and embodied communication skills, cultivating truly connective intimacy.



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Rekindling the trust, emotional connection, and playful spark necessary for good intimacy is a process of establishing mutual goals, building new skills, expanding perspectives, and healing old wounds. We provide a safe,  supportive, and knowledgeable space for you to develop a foundation that will ignite passion, strengthen trust, and sustain your love through difficult times.

Find more information on our work with couples as well as links to Dr. John Gottman’s relationship quizzes and other articles, click here.


Areas of focus:

Check out the Upcoming Offerings Page for intensive workshops and other events.

We are available as expert guest speakers and presenters on issues of sexuality and relationships from a somatic psychotherapeutic and contemplative perspective. Contact us here to schedule a presentation.

Embodied Relationships Counseling Center is conveniently located off of HWY 36 at 8774 Yates Drive in Westminster, CO. We are currently accepting new clients. Contact us to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.

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